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Maritime Circular Solutions

We are C-Loop. An end-to-end circular solutions provider for maritime consumables.

c-loop delivering circular solutions for the maritime industry

Our team of professionals is committed to helping vessel operators and owners reduce material production waste, by connecting maritime professionals with material off-takers (recyclers, transformers, energy recovery facilities, etc.) and match retired maritime consumables to their highest value destination.

c-loop focusing on repurposing, recycling, reusing maritime consumables and products
C-loop retired mooring ropes for repurposing
C-loop reverse logistics for repurposing maritime consumables

What We Do

We facilitate smooth, efficient and effective matching of retired maritime consumables with the most suitable off-takers.


Material Recovery/Matching

Our platform serves as a bridge among vessel operators and sustainable off-takers to match materials to their highest value destination.


Reverse Logistics

Our combined shipping & circular expertise ensures a seamless and sustainable material flow and taking the hassle out of reverse logistics.


Track & Trace (Analytics)

Our platform leverages AI & Blockchain technology to provide full transparency on lifecycle data and valuable insights on GHG emissions & their offsets 

Recent Projects

Trusted By

We foster a collaborative community by facilitating networking opportunities and forums for vessel operators and off-takers. By connecting industry professionals, we aim to encourage knowledge sharing, innovation, and the development of sustainable solutions for maritime waste management. By choosing us, you contribute to a more sustainable maritime industry. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing waste and fostering responsible consumption.

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Logo partner to C-Loop
Logo partner to C-Loop
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