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Circular Solutions

End-to-end systems are our speciality.


At C-Loop, we understand the challenges the maritime industry faces, from complex waste streams to the lack of reverse logistics and the absence of an exchange market for 2nd life resales.  Our team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that not only address these challenges but also connect maritime consumables to new users, fostering a circular economy within the maritime sector.

Material Collective Streams

We offer comprehensive solutions for material collective streams by streamlining end-of-life processes. Our expertise lies in efficient handling diverse materials, ranging from equipment components to furnishings and consumables, ensuring that they are properly categorized, sorted, and processed.   

C-Loop Material Collective Streams

Sustainable Repurposing

Through our circular services, we give retired materials a second life and unlock their untapped value. Our team and partner network of skilled craftsmen and engineers creatively transform these materials into new products & components with a focus on functionality, durability, and sustainability.

C-Loop Sustainable Repurposing

Reverse Logistics Optimization

Through a robust partner network covering over 1000 ports, we specialize in developing customized strategies and streamlined processes to ensure the smooth flow of materials throughout the supply chain. From collection and transportation to storage and redistribution, we handle every step with precision and care, helping our clients save time, reduce costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

C-Loop Sustainable Repurposing

Digital Exchange Platform

We have developed a cutting-edge digital platform to address critical challenges of a sustainable circular maritime economy. Our platform:-

  1. Offers lifecycle data on origin, composition, and previous use.

  2. Enables tracking  of materials.

  3. Provides insights on GHG emissions & offsetting data for an after-life.

  4. Serves as a vital connection point for maritime professionals and material off-takers.

C-Loop Digital Exchange Platform

Charting a sustainable course with circular solutions for maritime industry

Screenshot 2023-07-28 124620.jpg


We strongly believe in the power of repurposing materials to create a circular economy in the maritime industry. By repurposing materials, we not only minimize waste but also promote resource optimization and reduce the industry's reliance on new materials. By providing circular solutions for diverse materials, we aim to create a more efficient and environmentally conscious industry.



Retired equipment components, including machinery parts, mooring ropes, electrical components, and mechanical systems, often hold significant value even after their primary use. Our expertise lies in identifying these components, assessing their condition, and determining their potential for repurposing.



Maritime consumables and supplies, such as spare parts, packaging materials, and chemicals, often remain unused or discarded after their primary use. Our platform facilitates putting them back into circulation, enabling new users to benefit from their functionality, reducing waste and optimizing resource utilization.


Safety Gear

Retired safety and protective gear, including personal protective equipment (PPE), life jackets, and firefighting equipment, require careful handling and proper disposal to maintain safety standards. We evaluate their condition, assess recycling where possible, and redirect reusable gear to appropriate users who prioritize safety.



Steel and metal components from retired materials hold immense potential for repurposing and creating circular value. By leveraging our skills, vast maritime experience and advanced technologies, we transform retired steel and metal components into valuable resources for various applications.

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