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Our Stories

Welcome to Our Stories at C-Loop, where we share insights into our circular initiatives and impactful projects. Explore our work, gain valuable insights, and be inspired by our commitment to driving positive change in the circular economy. 


Circular Rope

Sustainability, keeping the oceans free from plastic, and finding ways to utilize used ropes is high on our agenda. We are pleased to join forces with WalWil, Maersk and WSS with a common vision to make a tangible difference.


Life Cycle Assessment

In 2023, with summer interns, we dived into the world of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a powerful tool that helps us understand the environmental impact of products such as mooring ropes from cradle to grave & back to cradle.


C-Loop Concepts

We are delighted to have a dynamic team in C-Loop that is always ahead of the curve, developing new concepts for repurposing and re-using retired materials, creating solutions for transforming materials to new values.


Material Transformation

In 2024,  a new cutting line for retired mooring ropes was installed and tested by our transformation hub in Slovakia. The machine is “eating” or transforming ropes to new applications as raw materials for non-woven fabrics.

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